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Hire a Nurse Practitioner

Nursing Jobs
If you're registered nurse seeking a job as a nurse practitioner in any of the nursing disciplines or your are a medical facility in search of a qualified candidate for a hospitals, private practice, or other facilities we encourage you to post your job resume with us for the best possible results.

 Nursing Staffing Agency

The number of licensed and certified nurse practitioners is staggering. The actual number is upwards of 3.1 million of which 85% are actually working in the nursing field.

These revealing statistics however can be somewhat disappointing to employers that are seeking  stable and highly-qualified nurse practitioners. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are 8.5 nurses per 1,000 people. Additionally there are more nurses than doctors by a ratio of 10 nurses to 3 doctors.

Taking all of these facts into consideration we realize that there is a shortage of about 120,000 nurses which is predicted to worsen to 500,000.

Due to the profession’s average advanced personnel the gap between the highly trained and moderately skilled candidates as well as employment competition from other professions and also within, we recognize that the need is critical.

Our recruiters are trained to respond in a pro-active manner by selecting only those nurse practitioner candidates with the highest technical qualifications as well as a personality befitting the staff, doctors and patients they will be working with.

At our medical staffing agency, we keep these goals at the top of our list so we can work each day for the betterment of our client companies, candidates and the medical community in general.






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